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More than 80% of US households have at least one video game player console, while at least 30% having 3 or more of such players. Almost 50% have one in the bedroom. These large percentages may again trigger anxiety issues on parents who have long been wondering if video game playing has a beneficial side to it, especially on the part of the children.

With the exclusion of all excessive factors such as violence, actual time spent on playing and freedom to choose what games to play, children actually stand to gain some positive results from active video game playing. Aside from having a fun way of introducing computer and information technology to children, games may offer practice in following directions, solving problems, using logic as well as fine motor skills. It likewise presents an invaluable playtime opportunity for parents and children.

Video games have their value like all other forms of entertainment. The danger only lies on having too much of anything. In this case, social relationships tend to be affected the most when limits as to time and content fail to be observed.

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